Camp Botswana is a week- long Activity Camp situated in Maun for boys and girls aged 6-18 years with the objective being able to give children the opportunity to try new activities in a safe and nurturing environment. We run school holiday camps every holiday (December, April and August) and they are open to everyone both nationally and internationally.

Camp Botswana is run by Avril, Tjipo and Bruce and between them they have many years’ experience, teaching, training or facilitating children’s activities. All of our activities are run by trained mentors to ensure that the children get the maximum amount of fun from the activity as well as continually learning new things.

At Camp Botswana we split the groups according to age and they get the benefit of age appropriate, thoroughly planned 'workshops' that have been geared towards developing their life skills and communication skills.

It has been widely proven that children who regularly attend camp are more confident, resilient and independent to name just a few skills and so we work very hard to provide good quality camps so that our children in Botswana are given these opportunities.

Camp Botswana is the ultimate adventure experience for every school child.