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Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are a company or individual that is interested in partnering or sponsoring any of our activities for less privileged students local to your area then first of all we wish to congratulate you on such an honorable gesture!

We believe passionately that camping trips are a vital part of learning and the development of well- rounded children and so should be accessible for all children. Unfortunately this is not always the case and so we are constantly looking for companies that are able to help us make our trips a reality for all children by price-matching the cost of the trip.

As a way of saying thanks, we offer complimentary retreats to your company representatives and also
offer free advertising space on our many platforms.

If you are a school local to Botswana and would like support in financing a camping trip for your
students then please email requesting this and you will be advised on
corporate partners in your area of the country that may facilitate this.